Unified Care’s On-Hire Labour Agreement allows us to provide a unique solution for our clients to meet increasing workforce demands, in areas where skill shortages are significant. Whether you are having difficulty recruiting an Australian Registered Nurse and would like to source an overseas Registered Nurse or you want to engage an overseas Registered Nurse who currently works for you, Unified Care can support you.

Our in-house, registered migration agent can coordinate the Temporary Skills Shortage – Subclass 482 Visa sponsorship of skilled workers by Unified Care. We can then on-hire sponsored employees to your organisation on a contractual basis, saving you from having to deal with negotiations, immigration requirements, payroll and insurances.

A simple solution to a complex problem. Contact us to find out more.

Unified Care has successfully been granted an On-Hire Labour Agreement by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, allowing us to source, employ, sponsor and on-hire overseas Registered Nurses to our clients.

Our internal, registered migration specialist has a wealth of experience in the process of sponsoring skilled overseas workers and supports us in ensuring that we can assist our clients through the provision of capable and quality staff, who are under our Temporary Skills Shortage – Subclass 482 Visa sponsorship, on a contractual basis.

This enables our clients to affordably engage quality, skilled, overseas Registered Nurses, without having to deal with any of the associated immigration or sponsorship requirements.

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